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Tuesday Travel Tips: TSA Pre✓ Screening

Here at MICEport DMC, Travel is what we do! We are starting a new part of our blog called "Tuesday Travel Tips" - a quick read on some of our travel tips that we felt were good to share. Today's Tuesday Travel Tip is about TSA Pre✓ Screening. What is this? Simply put:

  • Shorter security lines;

  • Traveler doesn't have to remove his/her coat, shoes, belt etc;

  • Traveler doesn't have to remove liquids under 3oz;

  • Traveler doesn't have to remove computers.

This program is available to US Citizens, US Nationals and Legal Permanent Residents. The cost is $85 for 5 years. For more information go to www.tsa.gov/precheck

Note: If you have any good travel tips send them to us at inspireus@miceport.com