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The minuscule principality (0.75 square mile) of Monaco, which borders only France and the Mediterranean, is a special place — it's home to one of the world's most famous auto races and one of its fanciest casinos, with more people in its philharmonic orchestra than in its army. Don't look for anything too deep in this glittering little land of luxury; the majority of its 36,000 residents have relocated here mainly to avoid paying income tax. Yet despite high prices, wall-to-wall daytime tourists, and a Disney-esque atmosphere, Monaco is a Riviera must.


French is the  official language of Monaco. 58% of the 30,000 inhabitants of Monaco speak the official language of French, 17% speak Ligurian, an Italian dialect, and 15% speak an Occitan dialect. English is also commonly used.

VAT and Tax Refunds

To benefit from a VAT (valued added tax) refund, the unitary purchase price inclusive of tax from any single store must be at least 175 €. At the time of purchase the salesman can either refund VAT immediately, either collect the tax directly and wait for the reception of the stamped “export sales invoice” from Customs to be refunded at the departure airport. In both cases, an “export sales invoice” (“Bordereau de Vente” in French) will be given to you. Look for shops with a duty free stickers in their windows.

Preferred DMCs

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Monaco’s currency is the Euro. 
Travelers checks are not as accepted by vendors in Monaco as they were in the past. They are a hassle and usually have a terrible exchange rate and/or service fee.

Electrical Current

In Monaco the power sockets are of type E. The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Opening Hours

The usual opening hours for shops are 9:00 or 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Outside of Monaco, most businesses close between 1pm to 3pm, although it is becoming more common for shops and supermarkets in larger towns and cities to stay open during this time. Most shops are closed on Sunday, although outdoor markets are typically in full swing, and some supermarkets are open in the morning. Most museums are closed on either Monday or Tuesday, and many museums close for lunch and hours change with the seasons. The majority are closed on national and religious holidays.


Along the Mediterranean coast, one can expect hot, dry summers, mild and humid winters, and a small number of rainy days during the year. The average temperature is 7 deg C (45 deg F) in January and 23 deg C (73 deg F) in July.

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