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Small, landlocked Austria offers alpine scenery, world-class museums, cobbled quaintness, and Wiener schnitzel. Unlike Germany, its industrious neighbor to the northwest, Austria is content to bask in its good living and elegant, opulent past as the former head of one of Europe's grandest empires. Austrians tend to be relaxed, gregarious people who love the outdoors as much as a good cup of coffee in a café.

Vienna is the capital of Austria, the cradle of classical music, the home of the rich Habsburg heritage, and one of the world's most livable cities. The city center is skyscraper-free, pedestrian-friendly, dotted with quiet parks, and traversed by electric trams. Many buildings still reflect 18th- and 19th-century elegance, when the city was at the forefront of the arts and sciences. Compared with most modern European urban centers, the pace of life here is slow.

The Danube is at its romantic best just west of Vienna. Mix a cruise with a bike ride through the Danube's Wachau Valley, lined with ruined castles, beautiful abbeys (including the glorious Melk Abbey), small towns, and vineyard upon vineyard. Much of the valley has a warm fairy-tale glow, but a trip here isn't complete without the chilling contrast of a visit to the Mauthausen concentration camp memorial.


Austrian German is the official language of Austria, while Alemannic and Austro-Bavarian are the major unofficial languages.

VAT and Tax Refunds

Travelers to Austria from outside the EU are entitled to a reimbursement of the 20 % V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) they pay on all purchases as long as the purchases add up to no less than 90 Euros in the same store and on the same day. The vendor must provide the purchaser with a duly filled out invoice which includes the price of each good, the V.A.T. paid for each item, as well as the identification (name and address) for both vendor and purchaser. The goods must be brought out of the European Union within three months from the date of purchase.

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The currency in Austria is the Euro €. Traveler’s checks are still accepted throughout the country, but credit cards and Euros are really the most acceptable way to pay for your purchases.  ATMs are now very easy to find. The best exchange rates are often found with the use of credit or debit (ATM) cards. Banks tend to have better exchange rates than local exchange bureaus. While Austrian banks do not charge fees for foreign credit cards, be aware your bank might.

Opening Hours

hopping hours Monday-Friday are typically 8 or 9AM until 6PM. In smaller towns, shops may close for lunch. On Saturdays, stores are only open from 8 or 9AM until Noon or 1PM, with the exception of the first Saturday of the month where stores stay open until 5PM. All shops are closed on Sunday.

Electrical Current

Electricity is 230volt/50Hz and takes continental European two-prong plugs. Make sure your appliances can accept the higher voltage of power (American outlets provide 120 volts) or you’ll need a converter and an adapter. Some appliances and computers can accommodate either 120 or 220 volts either automatically or with just the flip of a switch on the appliance.


Being one of the most mountainous countries of Europe, weather in Austria can vary somewhat due to elevation or just being on one side of the mountains or the other. The southeast of the country has the hottest summers, but summer brings rain across the entire country – although normally in the form of short, heavy thunderstorms, not all day rain. Winters are distinctively chilly, especially when winds from Eastern Europe and Russia come rolling in. As noted above, events and activities throughout the year make Austria an appealing destination in all seasons.

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